About Us

Peeled Orange...

is a small, dedicated massage oil supplier committed to providing the very best massage oil to its clients.

We have a special interest in professional therapists, the medical community, athletes, and sports men and women of all levels and disciplines.

Peeled Orange has spent 4 years developing its current range of Professional Massage Oils. Perfection is our signature!

We are based in England and we want to encourage clients, both public and professional, from all around the world. Peeled Orange is a new concept in quality, care, and professionalism.

Peeled Orange Professional Massage Oils are not merely cosmetic- They have been designed to work therapeutically, harnessing the power of nature. To help us along the way, we have used the expertise of professionals - a pharmacist, a medical herbalist, therapeutic masseurs, an aromatherapist and a chiropractor.

Peeled Orange has collated feedback and advice from Therapists and their Clients over a 4-year period as we developed our stunning range of Professional Massage Oils. We are now delighted to release these amazing products to the world at large.

Please click on any product name to read more detailed information about Peeled Orange massage oils, or see the testimonials page to find out what professional therapists think about Peeled Orange massage oils.

Peeled Orange supplies Professional Massage Oils to the UK and worldwide for massage therapy and encouragement of health and well-being. Our aromatherapy oil blends contain pure essential oils chosen to assist the therapeutic treatment of sports injuries, stress, fatigue, back ache and to aid preparation for sports activities. We offer great massage therapy supply deals for therapists - try our therapeutic massage essential oil blends for sports therapy massage. Our blends use pure essential oil to produce a professional quality massage therapy product.