Q : Why does aromatherapy massage work?
A : Essential oils have been shown to have intense physiological and mental effects based on the properties of the plants they are created from. These oils, when combined with the relaxing and therapeutic effects of massage, can make a difference where simple physical therapy falls short.
Please remember that all Peeled orange Massage Oil blends have been designed for a specific purpose. All the Herbal Oils in our blends have been chosen by Professional Therapists in order to perform specific tasks. Peeled Orange Massage Oils have high concentrations of top grade Therapeutic Essential Oils. Peeled Orange Massage Oils are therefore not designed to smell nice and flowery. Instead, they are designed to fully aid the Therapeutic Process, which may include Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Sports Injury Treatment, Aromatherapy etc.

Q : What are the benefits of body massage therapy?
A : Body Massage Therapy regulates the well being of a person, it keeps us mentally fit and gives us the energy and vitality to face the daily challenges of life without any unwanted tension.
Body massage therapy assists in:
Weight loss
Improving and increasing blood circulation and the flow of tissue fluid (lymph)
Nourishing the skin with the essential oils
Soothing and relaxing the nerves
Assisting in removal of toxic materials
Releasing the unwanted emotional and mental tension
Creating a feeling of a healthy body
However, it is recommended that if you are suffering from any chronic illness you should seek an expert's opinion before you opt for body massage therapy.

Q : What is the history of Aromatherapy and Body Massage?
A : The earliest records of body massage can be traced back to 2350 BC. Researches show that practice of massage therapy existed in the ancient civilizations of Babylonia, Egypt, China and India. This is evident from the murals discovered within the Egyptian Step Pyramid at Saqqara, ancient Chinese medical texts and from the writings of Ayurvedic medicine in India. Interestingly they all describe body massage with aromatic spices and oils.