Essential Oils

Essential Oils


An essential oil is a complex fluid extracted from various parts of flowers, plants, trees and herbs, including the stems, flowers, barks, leaves, roots, or seeds of a plant. Essential oils are much more highly concentrated than the herb itself; essential oils include naturally occurring nutrients and compounds, such as hormones, vitamins, and antiseptics. Most essential oils are transparent in colour.


According to the Chinese manuscripts and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, alchemists and priests started using essential oils to treat ailing patients thousands of years ago. They are the oldest form of cosmetic and medicine known to man and were considered more valuable than gold to the ancients.

Basil Essential Oil: Aromatherapist's use Basil to strengthen and revive the body following exercise. The warming, restorative properties of this wonderful herb are an ideal ingredient to assist in any programme of sporting action and leisure pursuits.

Bergamot Oil: Bergamot is a wonderfully serene and nurturing oil, its blissful sweet aroma will ease your worries and cares, whilst creating an inner energy which will banish lethargy. Use Bergamot when we are at a low ebb and need our spirits cheering.

Black Pepper Essential Oil: The sharp & spicy aroma of Black Pepper, soothes & energises tired limbs & stiff joints, & creates a luminous, glowing warmth to the body. When your body needs a deep glowing warmth to aid your comfort & wellbeing.

Cajuput Essential Oil: Cajuput (also known as cajeput) is known to complement the respiratory function, perhaps the most essential aspect of any sporting activity. Cajuput clears the mind and gives focus and clarity. Use Peeled Orange Pre Sports Rub to refresh and revive before activity. Click the link above to see our Pre Sports Rub Massage oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Peeled orange use the finest oil from the aromatic wood of the Virginian Cedarwood variety. Cedarwood essential oil is used by Aromatherapist's to help with every day stresses & strains. Long favoured by the Egyptians, it is said to sooth the emotions, thereby creating an inner peace.

Clove Bud Essential Oil: The clove plant has been used by herbalists and Aromatherapist's since ancient times. It is a deeply warming and comforting oil, used for countering tired, overworked muscles and the related sensation of stiff joints.

Cumin Seed Essential Oil: Cumin is a deeply warming and penetrating oil, it is able to stimulate and revive stiff tired joints before or after exercise. Creating a comforting, yet fiery warmth that your body will love. It also encourages the naturally functioning mechanics of the body to work on and with itself, a truly holistic approach.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus citriodora or Lemon Eucalyptus are highly invigorating and energising oils that creates a zest and zeal for daily activities. They instantly banish melancholy, creating a real buzz.

Geranium Essential Oil: Geranium is a very balancing, soothing & tranquil oil. It can create feelings of elation, eliminate worry and remove negativity. Geranium has a heady, enchanting aroma and creates an atmosphere of inner calm and peace.

Ginger Essential Oil: Ginger has been highly revered by Chinese herbal therapists for thousands of years. Holistic practitioners use Ginger to energise and stimulate by creating a deep, glowing warmth on the body. Pure essential oil of ginger is an excellent tool to tone and revive stiff joints and limbs.

Grapefruit Essential Oil: The essential oil of grapefruit is one of the most potent oils available to the aromatherapist. It is a highly stimulating and invigorating oil, and has the ability to lift the spirits whilst energising the mind & body. This oil aids those of us who are needing a boost to a flagging spirit.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil: Pure essential oil of Juniper Berry has the ability to help tired muscles unwind. This soothing, warming oil is an all time favourite within the realms of Aromatherapy and its ability to maintain muscle tone makes it a natural choice.

Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender has long been favoured by Aromatherapist's across the world for its soothing qualities. It will calm the mind from every day stresses and strains. Its beautiful fragrance and relaxing properties will ease muscular tension and uplift the mind and spirit.

Lime Essential Oil: Essential oil of Lime is one of the most prized and valued oils used in aromatherapy. The exotic and luxurious aroma will lift your heart and soul. A truly wonderful experience!

Marjoram Essential Oil: Naturally, our bodies experience a certain level of stress and strain whilst taking part in sporting activity. Essential oil of Marjoram is highly regarded by therapists and is extremely effective when used following rigorous exercise, particularly for overworked muscles. 

Petitgrain Essential Oil: Petitgrain is a deeply enchanting oil, held in great esteem by Aromatherapist's throughout the ages. This is a highly sensual oil and has been carefully selected for its soothing, mood enhancing properties. 

Spearmint Essential Oil: Pure essential oil of Spearmint is renowned by practitioners for its abilities to combat physical and mental fatigue. Its deeply penetrating vapours act as an awesome muscular relaxant, allowing tense joints, muscles and tendons to release, gently easing any stiffness and tension. 

Wild Sage Essential Oil: Essential oil of Sage is a powerful and rigorous oil with a sharp, piercing aroma, which will warm and ease fatigued muscles. It is an ideal oil for when you have been pushing yourself hard and need the deep reviving powers of this wonderful herb.