Symptoms and Therapies

Q : Can aromatherapy massage help with back and joint pain?
A : Absolutely. Massage is one of the many tools that a skilled therapist will use to alleviate back and joint pain. Combining this with the power of aromatherapy and essential oils can prove to be an excellent treatment.

Q : What carrier oil is used in Peeled Orange professional blends?
A : Sweet Almond is the carrier oil used for all Peeled Orange professional massage blends. We have chosen this carrier because the vast majority of body workers and therapists prefer the consistency, viscosity and feel of sweet almond in their therapeutic work. The sweet almond oil used in Peeled Orange products is of the best quality available; it is purified and deodorised prior to blending with the essential oils. To prevent spoilage, the finished product is treated with a natural preservative and vitamin E. The benefit of the deodorising process is that it allows the aroma and effect of the essential oils to work much better, and for the scent of the oils to be more noticeable. Sweet almond also contains many vitamins and nutrients and is an excellent moisturiser.

Q : What therapeutic forms of massage are there?
A : Swedish Massage - this is a whole body massage technique using oils on the skin to facilitate blood circulation. This is the basis of all Western forms of massage treatment.
Deep Tissue Massage – This is a special technique and can involve deep pressure at various key points of muscles & joints. The benefits can be great as it removes toxins, helps in re-aligning the body and improves posture.
Aromatherapy Massage - With the help of essential oils this therapy helps to relax muscles, improve blood circulation and eliminate waste matter from our body.

Q : What are essential oils?
A : Aromatherapy oils are naturally occurring fluids extracted, usually by steam distillation, from the leaves, stems, roots, flowers, or bark of medicinal plants. The oils are very concentrated, and are generally diluted with carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil. These oils, in their purest form, can be very expensive, because the amount of oil which a plant will yield is very small. For instance, 500 pounds of fresh lavender flowers will yield a maximum of 3 pounds of lavender essential oil.
Aromatherapy and essential oils are used for various purposes, such as to calm or rejuvenate the body and mind. Commonly used aromatherapy oils include Lavender, Geranium, Black Pepper, Clove Bud, juniper berry and eucalyptus. Consult a professional to know which aromatherapy oil is essential for you. Applying the right oil will improve your health and will keep you fit and strong throughout the day.