The Therapist

Dear Healer ... a message for professional therapists

Welcome to Peeled Orange. We hope you enjoy visiting our web site. It is our sincere wish to develop a long term working relationship with professional therapists like you. At Peeled Orange, we understand the level of dedication which it takes to master herbal and aromatherapy techniques to become a professional therapist. As our business grows, we hope to expand the products and services which we offer you. Should you have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can best serve you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Massage oils are our business, and providing you with the best massage oils available anywhere is our aim.

As you are aware, when promoting our massage oils, we have to consider guidelines which govern how we may describe them. Unless a product is a licensed medicinal product, we cannot make any medical claims. However, as a professional healer, you are well aware of the remarkable benefits which your clients receive at your hands, regardless of what claims we can and cannot make. At Peeled Orange we want to enhance the service you give. The descriptions given within this website are purely to explain when you may wish to use each of the Peeled Orange herbal remedy blends, and are not intended as a claim to treat or cure the particular condition - your skill and experience will speak for itself!

By way of example, if one of your clients is feeling run down and depressed, or is suffering from fatigue, then you would use the Energising massage oil. If a client has been injured or suffered a strain whilst playing tennis, you would choose one of the Sports Rubs, and so on. Should you require further guidance on Peeled Orange massage oils and herbal remedy products please feel free to contact us at any time. Further information is also available on aromatherapy oils, essential oils, massage oils, therapeutic massage and body massage therapy. Peeled Orange supplies Professional Massage Oils to the UK and worldwide for massage therapy and encouragement of health and well-being. Our aromatherapy oil blends contain pure essential oils chosen to assist the therapeutic treatment of sports injuries, stress, fatigue, back ache and to aid preparation for sports activities.