Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Body Massage


We all feel good at the very thought of getting a body massage. But there is something more than just "feeling good”. Therapeutic body massage heals our mind, body and spirit. Therapeutic body massage by a professional healer helps promote healthy blood circulation thus regulating the flow of oxygen in our bodies. This ensures proper functioning of all the organs in our body and keeps away both mental and physical illnesses.

Brief History

The earliest records of body massage can be traced back to 2350 BC. Researches show that practice of massage therapy existed in the ancient civilizations of Babylonia, Egypt, China and India. This is evident from the murals discovered at the Stepp Pyramid in Egypt, ancient Chinese medical texts and from the writings of Ayurvedic medicine in India. Interestingly, they all describe body massage with aromatic spices and oils. 

Popular Therapeutic Body Massage Techniques And Their Benefits

Swedish Massage

It is a whole body massage using oils on the skin to facilitate blood circulation. This is the basis of all Western forms of massage treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a special technique and can involve deep pressure at various key points of muscles and joints. The benefits can be great as it removes toxins, helps in re-aligning the body and improves posture.

Aromatherapy Massage

With the help of essential oils this therapy helps to relax muscles, improve blood circulation and eliminate waste matter from our body.

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